Private Well Owners Cooperative

The Private Well Owners Cooperative of Nye County is a Nevada State Chartered incorporated non-profit who’s mission is to support and assist the well owners of Basin 162 of their right under the Nevada Revised Statute acknowledging that the private well homeowners, both present and future, have “2 acre feet per year allocation for use”, and “they preserve their legal rights to water under their land for normal rural living and for gardening and raising livestock used to feed their families” for a genuinely “Self-sustaining Life-Style” bringing common good and general welfare to the people of the community.

We are dedicated to the education of water conservation of Basin 162 and Nye County along with education programs on the testing regularly and maintaining wells to safeguard families drinking water by supporting well owners with the necessary tools to look after their own water by assisting with well water testing.

The Private Well Owners is dedicated to advancing good groundwater stewardship by raising awareness on a variety of groundwater issues that affects everyone living within Basin 162.