Private Well Owners Cooperative


Rainfall on Spring Mountain Range, Photo Credit: Let's Talk Graphics

The Private Well Owners Cooperative of Nye County is a Nevada
State Chartered incorporated non-profit, non-stock cooperative utility corporation.The Cooperative was incorporated on April , 2014. The non-profit cooperative was created by a committee of property owners who are water users, with domestic wells in the state of Nevada.

It is more economically efficient to have these domestic well owner members of a cooperative utility to continue to provide their own water distribution because the infrastructure required to deliver the product, water, is very expensive to build and maintain for private utilities or governmental entities for a service the well owners already have paid for and provided.

The coming together in a cooperative as well owners allows the individual owner of the property to still be responsible for the maintenance of the distribution system on their land. The cooperative will not need to put in pipelines to transport water from one area to another which does interfere with the ecological system of communities and wildlife. It will permit those members to pay a reasonable membership fee to keep the cost of a life’s necessity affordable and safe; as a nonprofit it does not have to charge a higher fee for profit to those providing the water utility.