AB95 Signed By Governor Into Law

Governor Sisolac signed into law AB95 . The cooperative opposed this bill on several fronts, domestic wells had been exempt from state water law and the cooperative believes this was an error by the legislature to give the State Engineer such administrative power. The legislature, State Engineer and Governor’s office chose to ignore the past supremacy of a domestic owner’s right to the water under their property and used this bill to overturn over 150 years of precedence.

So where do we go from here? Our goal now is to focus on critical management and preventing basin 162 from ever getting to the point where the State Engineer declares it. If the State Engineer were to declare critical management, then under this new law, you fellow domestic well owners ‘could’ have your yearly allocation of water withdrawal reduced from 2 ac. ft. to 1/2 ac. ft. And this would end the rural lifestyle you now enjoy, and have a severe financial impact as well as use you enjoy of your property.

We are all in the together as a cooperative. We need to grow our voice by inviting fellow rural residents, and domestic well owners to join our collaborative effort as members of the cooperative.

You will be kept up to date as to the efforts going forward to protect and preserve your domestic well and property rights. Stay tuned.