Nevada State Engineer amended order 1293A

Announcement from the Office of the Nevada State Engineer regarding Amended Order 1293A

The State Engineer has amended Order #1293, which prohibits the drilling of new domestic wells in Pahrump, Nevada, without the acquisition and relinquishment of 2.0 acre-feet of water rights. Amended Order #1293A, provides two exemptions to Order #1293:  There were 21 notices of intent to drill cards filed in the three day period leading up to the issuance of Order #1293 that were denied. The amended order allows those 21 to drill domestic wells without relinquishing 2.0 acre-feet. Additionally, anyone who filed for a building permit on a parcel that is zoned for a domestic well before the issuance of Order #1293 would also be able to drill a domestic well, with access to 2.0 acre-feet. More info at