Message To The Members

Yesterday, Saturday September 21st, I was approached by a fellow member of the NCRCC (Nye County Republican Central Committee) with this message. “We need to do all we can do to preserve the PWOC as it is the only obstacle standing in the way of the county taking over domestic wells.” I agreed with him that we need to do all we can do to protect, preserve and bolster our organization, I didn’t have a reply to his claim that it is the county threatening the domestic wells in Basin 162. The county is an subset of Nevada government, government is not the threat but rather elected officials who control regulations and local ordinances, they can be ‘the threat’, as well as their appointees . I like to say “you are either for us or against us” and “your actions speak louder than words” Or it could be inaction if that be the case. These elected officials can also be our friend, being a friend is tantamount to recognizing the facts of our dwindling basin water supply, and taking preemptive measures to ward off the state engineer declaring critical management. It seems simple until you realize the pressure officials receive from developers and the projects they have underway or have been approved by past commissioners. Everything is power and politics.

Later in the September meeting of the NCRCC, the chairman acknowledged the ongoing turmoil in our organization as an assault from the outside against the leaders, former leaders and members of the cooperative, and for all central committee members to recognize the reality of this and support our organization and leaders. It was humbling in hearing those words. We are not in this fight by ourselves, others see the plight and the truth.

I have no doubt that the Democrats and Independents would join in the chorus. We are all in this boat together on this issue and cause.

The reason I work hard to protect domestic well owners is because it’s the right thing to do, I foresee the loss of $$$$tens of millions of dollars in property values and the threat to our rural life if our domestic well use is curtailed. Since it’s first inception, this organization alone has stood tall against forces that have focused on ignoring our rights while endorsing over development of the Pahrump Valley, and this to the eventual threat to our way of rural life and our domestic well use and those in future generations to come.

As we go forward never forget that your legal and moral rights are not insured simply because it’s the law or the right policy of government, every right we have needs defended against those who would usurp it. Public policy must be such that your rights are acknowledged and preserved. By continuing on through thick and thin through calm water and storms, we have a good chance of protecting what we hold dear. Allow division and rancor to develop and the cooperative can be torn asunder. Forces are continually plotting our demise and it’s up to each and every member to recognize this truth and defend against such an assault.

Dwight Lilly, President

No Special Meeting Has Been Called By the Cooperative on Sept. 5th


To clear up some confusion. No meeting was called for Thursday Sept. 5th. Anywhere. To call a special meeting there are provisions in the by-laws that must be followed. We know there is much rumor and media attention to some issues and this will all work out. Focus on protecting the well owner’s right to 2 ac ft of water and less on propaganda.

Yes three director’s resigned on Monday, Aug 26th and their resignation were accepted. Two resigned as cooperative members. Again, our by-laws cover member resignations and replacement of directors.

Stay tuned for future updates.