New Membership Form

Depending how your browser is configured, clicking this Private Well Owners Membership Application download link will cause one of two things to happen:

1) Some browsers may automatically open the membership application. If your browser opens the application, simply fill in, print and manually sign the document. (The Print icon may appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen instead of being located in the File popdown menu.)


2) Some browsers may download the PDF file to your computer. Most browsers will default to saving the PDF file in your Downloads folder (Windows users). If your browser downloads the file, simply locate the file (it will be named new-membership-form.pdf) and double-click to open (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, or similar).

Additional instructions for filling in and printing are shown below in the video tutorial.

NOTE: This video refers to an older revision of our membership form, however the steps to fill in, print & submit our new simplified form are essentially the same. 

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