Meeting Minutes – August 22, 2019

PWOC General Members Meeting 

     August 22,2019 

   Pahrump Museum 

      401 E. Basin Rd 

                10:00 am Thursday  

Board Members Present:  Chairman–Dwight Lilly; Vice-Chairman—Wade Hinden; Treasurer, Marilyn Davis; Secretary—Elaine Baumstark; Assistant Sec./Treas. Helene Williams; Director Lance Schaus  

  1. Call to order-Dwight Lilly, Chairman 
  2. Pledge of Allegiance-Wade Hinden, Vice Chairman 
  3. Review and Approval of prior General Member minutes: 6/27/19 &          7/25/19.  Motion made by John Bosta, second by Robbyn Gibbons.  Motion unanimous. 
  4. Guest Speaker, Deborah Almazon was unable to attend meeting.  Helene Williams did the presentation instead.  Great job Helene! 

RCAC is a Household Water Well System Loan Program.  Low interest loan, from 1%- 3% interest, is available to construct, refurbish or replace individual water well systems!  Based on total amount of income of all who live on the property and the ability to pay.  If a co-signer is needed, they may qualify with the applicant and not to exceed the maximum income of $63,458.00 in Nevada.  Long term is 10, 15 and 20 years depending on amount and how much income. The deed of trust will be recorded on the property and will be removed once the loan is paid in full, with no pre-payment penalty.  The loan cost is $100.00 and a recording fee of $100.00 estimated on the exact cost at the time of recording.  Credit report estimate fee of $27.00 for individuals and $43.00 for joint.  The maximum loan amount is $18,00.00.  Our area qualifies because we are below 45,000 population according to 2010 census.   The well driller and pump installer must be approved by the RCAC.  A list of licensed well drillers in the state of Nevada was handed out to all members.  PWOC does not endorse nor recommend anyone, just giving out information for your use.  Should a “dry” hole be drilled on the property RCAC will not pay.  That is the responsibility between the well owner and the driller.  RCAC will not pay should the work start before the loan is approved.   You are in charge!  There are some tests that are required once the water well is drilled.  When water testing for E-coli is finalized and has a “0” or low amount according to EPA, then the loan will be paid.  The loan is paid directly from RCAC to the well driller.   The loan amount and time frame are different for each individual applicant.  RCAC will work with each loan applicant so as to get you reconnected to water soon as possible.  A sheet of information was passed out to all members in attendance regarding RCAC, Household Water Well System Loan Program.  Many thanks to Larry Blatchford for the wealth of information you brought to the CO-OP.  Again, thank you Helene for the great presentation on RCAC. 

For more information/application, please visit or contact:  

Deborah Almazon, Loan Officer  

Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) 

2978 North Fork Road, Fernley, Nevada 89408 

Cell: (725) 22100474   Fax:  (775)-501-6915   email: 

Helene asked a question of members.  Those who would like to have educational programs on wells, groundwater and our community water issues?  Please raise your hands.  Majority raised hands 


Would you rather we be more politically involved with vetting election of officials?   Please raise your hands.  5 raised hands. 

Dwight: Chairman 

Radio Show Talk Host and YouTube program.  Dwight talks on water issues State wide and local 

For information on all the Nye County government Meetings go to:; go to bottom right of the front page click on “meeting center”.   A listing of all town meetings of Nye County comes up.  Click on icon of video to view.     Dwight gave an overview on the report from   

Frank McDonough of Desert Research Institute regarding cloud seeding, 7/29/2019 at the Water Board Meeting.  This cloud seeding was successful in having thousands of acre-feet of water coming from the clouds and added to the precipitation that the mountains received.    

     Shaw Report, Nye County.  Tells everything you want to know about Pahrump, situations with the water and etc.  The state and water district’s position is we have 20,000 acre-feet of recharge from snowfall and rain which comes into our water basin 162 every year; 16,000 acre-feet is being pumped out.   We know we have the Spring Mountain recharge coming, but the state and water district are counting between 5,000 and 8,000 acre-feet of the 20,000 acre feet as water in the carbonate aquifer.  It is really deep!  The water district is contemplating drilling into it.  This project would cost 5 million dollars to drill four (4) wells down into the carbonate to determine if we can even access water from there.   


     A guest brought up the concern of Hemp growth and how much water is needed to grow hemp? 

Marilyn stated there is a gentleman from Nevada Hemp Assoc. whom she will ask to speak on this subject at a future date. 

Glen Marsh, guest, reiterated what Ashley Jeppson of the Nevada Department of Agriculture stated at the BOCC meeting  8/20/19.   

Nye County doesn’t have anything on the books right now to regulate hemp growth locations and the state agriculture department is looking to the county for regulations to be put in place.    

The Nevada State has authorized all Hemp growth.   

Robert Thomas, member, stated that John Koenig received a letter from Nevada State saying you don’t have the right to regulate Hemp.  According to Ashley, now you do.  John Koenig then directed staff to go back and start drafting regulations dealing with all the Hemp issues raised today.  Everyone here should go to their commissioner and let him/her know what your concerns and views are regarding Hemp.  Robert also said in talking with a Hemp grower, was told that they are using the drip irrigation system and all the conservation techniques that they are suppose to.  Each plant takes 10 gallons of water per day, which depletes our water resources.    

Helene stated she could contact someone from the State to come to our meeting regarding Hemp growth, also. 

Wade Hinden: Vice-Chairman: December 9, 2019 @ 9am to Nye County Water District Meeting.   

October should be cool enough to begin water well testing.   Pick up a “No Meter on Wells” yard sign for $10.00.    

Marilyn: Treasurer Report 

Beginning Balance: $13,362.63    Deposits: $490.46   Expenses: $1162.89 Ending Balance: $12,520.70.  Motion: to except report, Bill Howard.  Second Marvin Markham.   Motion carried        Pass the Bucket:  $145.46 

The cost for new members to join today is $25.00 thru December 2019.  The yearly dues are $60.00 January thru December 2020. 

Helene: Assistant Sec/Treasure 

Please pick up your binders if you haven’t already, full of information for your use.   

Please sign petition, if haven’t as yet; demanding the 2 acre-feet of water per year.   

Robbyn: member, shared info that the Senior Center off Basin Rd. between Linda and David, Sunset Mobil Home Park is having a Rummage Sale Sept. 21, 2019, starting at 7 am til??? 

Any items to go on Agenda please submit to the board of Directors for approval for the next meeting.  These meetings are for you, the members.  (: 

Adjoun:  MotionWade Hinden to adjourn.  Second by Jack Anderson. Motion carried 

MEMBERS in attendance:  #26 

GUEST in attendance:         #09 

TOTAL in attendance:         #35