Meeting Minutes – May 17, 2018 – Jul 25, 2019

PWOC General Members Minutes

July 25th, 2019

Pahrump Museum

401 E. Basin Rd

10:00 am Thursday

1. Called to order by Chairman Dwight Lilly

2. Pledge of Allegiance by Wade Hinden

3. Review and Approval of prior membership minutes 6-27-2019

No motion was made because the minutes were not posted on the webpage to be read. Will be voted on next General Meeting 8-22-19.

4. Reports, discussions and possible action(s).

Guest Speaker-Ernie Jackson, owner of “Jackson and Sons,” water well company. “How to do Preventive Maintenance on Wells.” Ernie opened up with questions from the audience. All water tanks/bladders should be wrapped or inside an insulated pump house. There are three kinds of tanks; galvanize, zinc and epoxy. Epoxy tanks should be wrapped or enclosed, not left in the sun. Leaving the epoxy tanks exposed to the sun creates the epoxy inside the tanks to pop off causing the tanks to go bad. Tanks can be wrapped with fiberglass then covered with plastic. One can purchase pre-made covers, but cheaper to wrap in fiberglass and plastic. Ernie will do an in-home inspection of water pump and tank free of charge. Should the weather turn to freezing, it’s best to cover the plumbing to the tank to keep it from freezing. The pressure gauge, which is a small copper coil on the outside of tank, is the first thing to freeze. Insulating a shed/pump house is best. One can use a tire gauge to check the pressure gauge once a snifter valve is put on, or Ernie may remove the copper coil completely. The pressure reading does fluctuate, depending on the condition of the pump. Galvanized and epoxy tanks are all self-regulating because of an air volume bleeder on the side of the tank. A big tank is filled with air and about 1/3 of water. Should one have an 80-gallon tank, you only have an equivalent to 80-gallons. There is only about 26 gallons of water stored in the tank that you use and then the pump will cycle. The bladder tanks are actually regulated by what the pressure switch needs to be. The bladder tanks are pre-charged with more air than what the actual pressure switch is telling the pump to do. So if the pressure switch is reading 40-60, you need to make sure the air inside the tank is below 40 PSI. Ernie states that they normally set them about 37 PSI. Should you have a 30-50 pressure switch the air is set at 27 PSI. So you have a small amount of water left in the tank before the pump actually kicks itself back.

When doing a pressure tank for a home, a 119 gallon bladder tank is sufficient. An 86 gallon tank is standard locally, some homes even put in 44 gallon bladder tank. There are different pumps for different applications. Pumps installed 10 yrs. ago, cannot pump the depth needed now. A 16-gallon per minute pump will run at a certain pressure; 30 pounds can deliver 17 gallons per minute. At 60 pounds it will deliver 16 gallons a minute. To replace just a pump, normally it’s about $1100. To replace piping, galvanize pipe runs about $5.00 per foot. Ernie uses schedule 80

PVC pipe and could be up to $1500.00 with all new piping, wires, pump, pressure switch, check value. A 7-year warranty if all above ground work is done at the same time. Life expectancy of a completely stainless steel pump is normally 20 years. Manufacturer usually gives 5-7 year warranty. It’s always best to use a dark material, green or black. They will not produce algae. Using a clear or white plastic will form algae and then it must be chlorinated. Put a cover over the tank, such as an awning to keep the sun off the tank. UV light deteriorates plastic and the tanks are made from high-density polyethylene. Plastic is $.50 a gallon and galvanize is $2.00 a gallon. Check around the yard for unusual green growth of weeds or grass, it could be a leak in the pipes.

After the second earthquake they had 25 calls within 8 hours.

Ten years ago all wells were drilled to 120-140 feet. Now wells are going as deep as 200 foot.

Helene: Before the meeting, Helene passed out a notice of Well Maintenance Schedule, Class 1 and later made an announcement that this is a two (2) part sheet and in about three (3) months should have a second sheet, Class 2

with information about maintaining wells. Next month we will have a class of information on financing for redrilling or drilling a well.

Vice Chairman, Wade Hinden.

Aaron and Wade will complete the current list of well testing this coming Monday. A break is needed due to the high heat and testing will resume toward the end of September. Contact Aaron or Wade for sign-ups.

Donation table is located in the back; Yard Signs for sale along with T-shirts. Arsenic testing is $10.00, due to high cost of chemicals.

Treasurer, Marilyn Davis

Those who would like to join PWOC it’s $30.00 today till December.

January through December 2020, the cost will be $60.00. Please see Marilyn.

As of May 30th, the bank balance was $14,821.52. Deposit of $500.15, which included “Pass the Bucket”, new memberships and Arsenic Tests. Expenses were $1996.88, most of which was for advertisement. The bank balance for June is $13,412. 63. Motion was made by Dan Morrow to except June treasure report, second by Bob Young. Motion passed unanimous.

Aaron to “Pass the Bucket”: This is a way to raise funds for testing tools and equipment, to fight legislature and to support the members. Aaron asked if anyone had experience in GIS files. Helene stated she does.

Secretary/Treasurer Assistant: Helene Williams

Helene has binders for new members. A petition is circulating for Governor and Nevada State Engineer demanding that we revert back to the 2 acre feet that they promised under the law for so many years that they have now decided to take away from us. Helene has blank copies for anyone to pass out for signatures.

Chairman, Dwight Lilly

Dwight spoke with Commissioner Debra Strickland, also a member of PWOC, this past weekend, regarding AB95. It is now before the State Supreme Court being protested by the State Engineer’s Office. The Order by the State Engineer and the AB95 was signed by the Governor of Nevada.

We have been threatened to having our domestic wells shut off because we have no seniority. Should the State Engineer determine that more water is being drawn from the basin than what is going in, then, according to state law and AB95, he can call for critical management. If critical management is called then we have 10 years to do something about it. Right now, in Nye County, approximately 16,000 acre-feet is drawn from the Basin of 20,000-acre feet recharge, leaving 4,000-acre feet surplus.

We need to find the seniority date as to when our water rights were relinquished. See Dwight for the information needed to find said dates. Items needed to begin search. 1) APN # 2) find water relinquished 3) seniority date on the well

We need 5 new commissioners who care about our water issues and are willing to fight for us. PWOC needs every well owner to join our CO-OP and help us.

New Business: Ray, the flagman, has water rights for sale. See Anthony Greco

Adjourn: Motion was made by Dan Morrow to adjourn meeting

John Bosta seconded. Motion passed unanimous

Signed: Secretary


PWOC General Members Minutes

June 27, 2019

Pahrump Museum

401 E Basin Rd

10:00 am Thursday

1. Call to order by Chairman Dwight Lilly

2. Pledge of Allegiance by Wade Hinden

3. Review and Approval if prior membership minutes 5-23-2019. MOTION: Kathy Hunter moved to approve & accept minutes and Clyde Settle seconded. Motion approved unanimously.

4. Reports, discussions & possible action(s). Dwight stated that no one is allowed to make or second any motions or vote unless a member of the CO-OP. Membership would be $35.00 from June to Dec. 2019.

5. Nonmembers present: Seventeen visitors at meeting and most saw PWOC ad in paper. Donations are made through the sale of T-shirts and yard signs.

6. Reports:

a. Chairman, Dwight Lilly – Reported on AB95 which was passed by legislature, signed into law by Nevada Governor and goes into effect July 1, 2019. Should the State Engineer call a critical management of Basin 162, (Pahrump) he could reduce our water to 400 + gallons from 2-acre ft. of water a year. Only should we miss use the water allowing it to get to the critical level. Currently there is approximately 20,000-acre foot of water flowing down the mountain a year and we are using 15,000-16,000-acre foot per year. In order to call for critical management of water is if we exceed the 20,000-ac. ft. per year. However, WE can call critical management. We will continue to fight the State Engineer to maintain our water rights under the state law. Under the 5th amendment, we have the right to a hearing if something is being taken from us without compensation. We need to be prepared to hire a law firm to protect ourselves. Kenny Bent stated that the AB95 was amended and gives local court the ability to declare critical management. Currently, three (3) people own 71% of the water rights in Nye County. There are over 11,000 well owners in Nye County representing a large count of individual water users. Basin 162 is over appropriated for the amount of people located here from decades back. The question was raised, is the 2-acre foot of water now null and void? According to Dwight, well owners could be required to install a water meter on their wells and/or possibly be fined $10,000.00. Can also keep you from getting any water if in violation of the ½ acre-foot provision. Volunteers can have a meter on their wells to prove the amount of water used per year for $400.00. A member of PWOC is asking for the 3 names owning 71% of the water rights. Dwight said he would make that information known at a later date. One (1) acre foot of water equals 325,851 gals of water per year. Does the critical management also include those on city water? As PWOC we will fight for our legal civil rights to keep our water. State Engineer has cut senior water right holders’ usage in half

in other counties in the state and gave junior water right holders the right to pump water.

When above ground watering and sprinklers are used to water during the day, 50% of evaporation occurs. In one (1) year evaporation creates a loss of 10 feet of water. Everyone needs to conserve water. We, PWOC, will make sure that whatever changes need to be made in county ordinances or policy are made now while we are not in critical management.

SB150, ties into AB95, mandates government to determine how much water they are using in the pumping figures. Division of Water Resources recognizes the mismanagement by government on all local levels of the water situation.

A lawsuit by Pahrump Fair Water group was filed against the State Engineer, after he filed order 1293. District court ruled for the people of Pahrump and said, yes you can drill a well. State Engineer appealed it in the Supreme Court and thus there it sits.

b. Treasurer, Marilyn Davis – April ended with a balance = $14, 881.97. Membership income = $445.00

Deposit = $1,403. 00 Expense = $892.11 Balance = $14,821. 52

All new memberships run from January thru December. Join today for $35.00.

MOTION: Leo Blundo moved to accept treasure report and John Bosta seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.

c. Secretary, Elaine Baumstark – A ’Thank You” note received in April from Norma Jean at Pahrump Fair Water LLC, was read out loud, regarding Order 1293A with kind words and contribution toward Attorney charges.

d. Vice Chairman, Wade Hinden – We had twelve (12) guests at the June 27, meeting and eleven (11) came from reading AD in the Pahrump Valley Times. Yard signs are available.

Sign up for water well testing and Arsenic Testing. In need of volunteers to help with the testing’s.

e. Assistant Secretary/Treasurer, Helene Williams – PWOC Insurance, ENO, error and omission, through Farmers Insurance Co. for $794.00

Policy and Procedures-to be drawn up as necessary and approved by Board of Directors.

Binders and Certificates, to be picked up by new members, including By-laws, Articles of the CO-OP and Open Meeting Law.

Letter to three (3) Commissioners was tabled.

7. Old Business – Pass the Bucket = $250.15 was collected.

Kenny Bent handed over a thumb drive to Dwight Lilly from Christina Stern, former Secretary. Kenny stated that the thumb drive contained files from Christina,

along with documentation Kenny added; also, some studies done by the county. Total 25 gigs on thumb drive.

8. New Business -Leo Blundo – Leo invited everyone to a town hall meeting at the Bod Rudd Center, 6-28-19; 6 pm. Leo read a letter he wrote to Governor Sisolak opposing AB95.

John Bosta on Great Basin Water Utility has 29,000 parcels of land that serve 6,400 customers, but currently serving 5,700 parcels. Nearly all that water is under the status of PVR. They have never presented those water rights for beneficial use. John proposes that we have an agreement that we partition the state engineer to call for beneficial use on all public utilities in Nye county that have water rights under the status of PVR and go to court for beneficial use in 2020. Developers gave water rights to utility companies to hold and they have will-serve agreements. Those utility companies held them for future developments, continually putting in for extensions. A company named Adavan had 500 acres of development in Pahrump utility district and put in a water tower above hwy. 160. They also put in sewer and water lines for their development. They used the water rights to secure their loan. The loan failed and the lands were given to Bank of America and the water rights were given to the Adavan group. The Adavan Group well was a capped Artesian well and had lost a third extension. After losing to the District court they went to Nevada Supreme court where they were stripped of 1,185 acre feet of water, never gave the water rights to the Utility District. The Utility Districts are holding on to the water rights and not putting them to beneficial use. In 2017 Pahrump Utility District took all of the water rights under agricultural and had them converted to municipal and given 10 years to beneficial use. The 1,185 acre-feet was stripped from the Pahrump Utility District and went to the Supreme Court. John recommends we make a motion to request the State Engineer to call for beneficial use on all utility permits under the status of PVR. MOTION: John Bosta made a motion that the Private Well Owners file a lawsuit against this company through the Nevada State Engineers Office and against the ownership of said lands. Motion was seconded, Helene called a “point of order” stating that this item is not on the agenda and cannot have a motion and that the discussion of whether to have a motion now or have the board look over all the facts and have an intelligent and legal motion next month. MOTION has been tabled till next month if John Bosta will hand over all the information he has.

9. Adjourn Meeting -MOTION: Jack Anderson moved to adjourn meeting and Mr. William Howard seconded. Motion passed unanimously.



MAY 23rd, 2019

Pahrump Museum

401 Basin Rd.

10:00 AM – Thursday

1. Call to Order by Dwight Lilly

2. Pledge of Allegiance, led by Wade Hinden

3. Review/Approval of April Business Mtg. Minutes: 04-25-2019. Motion to approve by George McCormick, and seconded by Catrin Romanoff. All approed..

4. Reports, discussion and possible action(s)

a. President- Dwight Lilly

AB95-Dwight gave in-depth report and is now back on Secretary’s desk. All agriculture watering needs to be done underground and no watering during rains in order to conserve our water. Attorney Newvine to draft a letter for PWOC. Need to continue phone calls and emails to Senators to vote NO on AB95.

b. Treasurer- Christina Stern

Expense Reports are on file for viewing. Motion was made by John Bosta to except treasure report. Seconded by Aaron Koehler.

c. Secretary- Elaine Baumstark

Passed out New Member Certificates to those present.

d. Vice President- Wade Hinden

Sign-up now for arsenic tests kits. $10.00 per kit. Can be done same time as water well testing. Legal to catch rainwater! “Thank You” to all who helped out during the Western Extravaganza!! Don’t forget to sign up for helping during the Fall Festival Sept. 27th thru 29th, 2019.

Free one (1) year Advertising in newspaper for PWOC

May 30th, @ 9:00 is last water board meeting (BOCC) in Pahrump. Next month meeting is in Tonopah.

e. Director: Helene Williams

New Members attending business meetings receives a Members Binder Book. There were 75 binders on-hand with more to come. Thank you Helene!

Check out “Shaw Report” online. They will use effluent as a recharge for ground water to go back into basin. Is it safe?? Over 8,000 domestic wells in Nye County must stay clean and safe.

5. Old Business: Passed the hat.

6. New Business: Jack Markley stated, Budweiser bought old dairy on Basin Rd. and digging huge holes. What are they doing??

7. Adjournment: Wade Hinden motioned to adjourn meeting and Jack Anderson seconded. Approved

Elaine Baumstark, Secretary



April 25, 2019

Pahrump Museum

401 E. Basin Rd


1. Call to Order

27 Members, Visitors 13 attended per our sign in sheets

2. Pledge of Allegiance

Volunteers needed for counting of Pass the Hat donations during our monthly meetings.

Special agenda item: Guest speaker Norma Jean Opatik

She spoke on behalf of Pahrump Fair Water concerning the Order 1293 (Transfer of Wealth) Lawsuit vs State Engineer, the first court date the judge decided against them, they had another court date, and they made an appeal and went to that court date and they won. The judge said they had no standing in the state of Nevada for doing what they were doing and shouldn’t have been doing 1293A while Order 1293 was being adjudicated. Judge wanted to know if they could help the people who have built homes, or started building and let them put a well. Their attorneys did step up and petition the court, so they cancelled their order for 1293 and began with 1293A in the Supreme Court. State Engineer is still refusing those to drill their wells. Pahrump Fair Water is fighting also for those who have the right to be notified so they can speak on their behalf before it’s settled especially those livelihoods that have been affected by this decision the State Engineer did. Nye County isn’t over pumped, we’re over allocated. They have no control over Domestic Wells. She would like us to go as support to Supreme Court date in Las Vegas possibly, donations can be given towards attorney’s cost at- website: (paypal), drop off at Norma’s office. Also Lisa Bond is collecting donations also.

Private Well Owners Co-op donated $1000, 2 chks $500 ea. Motioned by Steve Larson, Robbyn Gibbons seconded, all were in favor.

3. Review and approval of prior membership meeting minutes: 03-28-19

Minutes are posted on our website-, Motion to approve by Robbyn Gibbons, seconded by Lance Schaus, all were in favor.

4. Reports, discussions and possible action(s)

(a) President- Dwight Lilly

Dwight spoke on the Wild West Extravaganza and invited us to go out to our booth May 3-5th. He spoke about how domestic wells are not a part of Water Law. Domestic Wells are exempted from Water rights, Water Law. He’s going to post the Legal suit to our website.

(a) Arsenic testing

He said we were going to purchase arsenic testing kit for approx. $500 dollars plus tax for 100 Members to start. Recorder battery died.

(b) Treasurer – Christina Stern

Bank Statement and Expenses, Income

Christina read the Treasurer’s report for Deposits and Expenses, available for Members eyes at Pahrump Museum files.

Open Invoice Report

Christina had report for anyone questioning their account at end of meeting available.

(c) Secretary- Elaine Baumstark

Membership Certificates

Christina handed out Certificates to Members for Secretary Elaine as she was on temporary Leave this month.

(d) Vice President – Wade Hinden


Wade asked Members to display a sign on their property to help advertise the existence of our Co-op. Sign is Min. Donation $10.00 or more. We got to have a free add in paper at this time in the Briefs.

Wild Extravaganza, Booths, Tables

Wade asked for Volunteers to handle the booth on the 4th and the 5th. We received 4 volunteers. Kenny Bent is volunteering his tables.

Well Testing

Testings with members has shown positive results and water is drinkable, 2 Members did show high Nitrate. We are in the process of researching Arsenic Testing Kits available.

(e) Director – Helene Williams

Members Notebooks progress

Helene presented the notebooks and showed a place for Certificates and place for Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and a place for education on maintenance of your wells.

Petition/Letter update

Helene passed around Well Owners petition for members and visitors to sign during meeting

Old Business

Pass The Hat

Hat was passed

6. New Business

(a) Corrections to updated by-laws

Helene made two corrections for By-Laws, Lance Schaus motioned to approve corrections, Dan Morrow seconded, all were in favor.

(b) Sergeant. at Arms for cooperative

We need Volunteer

(c) Appointment of new director

Two Members appointed to help Board of Directors, Aaron Koehler motioned to accept appointments, Debra Strickland seconded, all were in favor.

Congratulations and welcome to the Board….. Marilyn Davis and Lance Schaus.

Anthony Greco volunteered to video meetings monthly if Co-op interested.

7. Adjourn Meeting

James White motioned to adjourn, Charles Alumbaugh seconded, all were in favor.

Signed by Secretary:

Elaine Baumstark

There will be no smoking in the museum.



March 28, 2019

Pahrump Museum

401 E. Basin

10:00 am Thursday

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Review and approval of prior membership meeting minutes: 03-02-19

Bill Howard motioned to approve minutes. John Bosta seconded. All were in favor

4. Reports, discussions and possible action(s)

(a) President- Dwight Lilly

i. Voting process-sign-in sheets

ii. By-laws vote for approval or disapproval

Leo Blundo made motion to approve the new By-Laws and seconded by Aaron Koehler. Motion was approved by majority vote with 2 Nos.

iii. AB95, AB62 updates

AB95 was passed in the Assembly and now goes to Senate for vote.

At beginning of meeting Dwight reminded us that the website was updated with a legal document called Pahrump Fair Water, case #77722. He also stated he had committees and petitions sign-up sheets available to send to legislature and Governor demanding our rights as well owners.

Dwight Lilly made motion for PWOC members to attend Nye County Commissioners Board meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday ea. month @ 10am. Located 2100 E. Walt Williams Dr. Suite 100.

(b) Treasurer – Christina Stern

Bank Statement, Expenses and Income

Robbyn Gibbons motioned to approve monthly expenses. Clyde Settle seconded. All were in favor.

Open Invoice Report

Christina had available open invoice report for members to look at their accounts at the end of the meeting.

(c) Secretary- Elaine Baumstark

Elaine handed out new membership certificates.

(d) Vice President- Wade Hinden


Yard signs available after meeting.

Wild Extravaganza, Booths, Tables Petrack Park. May 3, 4 & 5. Volunteers needed to help work a 2-hr shift at the booths.

Well Testing

Wade was available at end of meeting for members sign up for well testing.

Legal to collect rain water.

(e) Director – Helene Williams

Members Notebooks progress

Helene stated ‘New Members’ notebooks hopefully ready in May.

Chamber of Commerce Membership

Membership still in progress with many benefits to the CO-OP members.

Petion/ Letter

Helene to draft letter to all well owners (8,000 plus) of Nye County informing them

of the Private Well Owners Cooperative.

Copies of signed petitions to be submitted to Legislatures or government office.

(f) Old Business

Re-vote meeting date change

Leo Blundo made motion to change PWOC mtgs to 4th Thursday of ea month. Clyde Settle seconded. Majority approved with 1 nay.

(g) New Business

a. “Voices In The Desert”website address-

Is in need of a writer for “Water Matters”Column

Email if interested to:

b. Leo Blundo announced 4-5 bills which are bad for us coming through Assembly. Government trying to take what is ours: Imperative we get involved.

c. Dwight requested motion for Commissioners to reject AB95 for protection for well owners.

Wade Hinden made the motion in asking the Commissioners to reject AB95. Marvin Markham seconded. All in favor.

d. Kenny Bent made a motion that he draft position statement for Commissioner regarding AB95. Helene Williams seconded. All in favor.

(h) Adjourn Meeting

Dwight motioned to adjourn meeting and Charles Nebel seconded. All in favor.

Signed by Secretary – Elaine Baumstark



March 02, 2019

Pahrump Museum

401 E. Basin

10:00am– Saturday


X Dwight Lilly X Wade Hinden X Christina Stern X Elaine Baumstark X Helene Williams


1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Review and approval of prior membership meeting minutes: 02-02-19

Anthony Greco motioned to approve minutes. Jack Anderson seconded. All were in favor

4. Reports, discussions and possible action(s)

(a) President- Dwight Lilly

i. T-shirts

Anthony Greco in charge of T-shirts

ii. Radio Show

iii. Website/Social Media

iv. Up-date Legislation

Dwight says sign up sheets available for committees, signatures needed. Dwight

AB95 to reduce use of water. Dwight discussed Water Bills heading to Assembly

for vote.

Nevada Legislature phone # and website: From Southern Nevada 702-486-2626

Toll Free Fax 866-543-9941

v. Petition/Letter

Dwight had available petitions for members to sign

vi. Ground Water Education- Septic System Maintenance

Dwight shared care of septic tank system

(b) Treasurer – Christina Stern

i. Bank Statement and Expenses, Income

ii. Bill Howard motioned to approve monthly expenses. Dan Blackstone seconded, All were in favor.

iii. Open Invoice Report

Christina had available open invoice report for members to look at their accounts at the end of the meeting.

(c) Secretary- Elaine Baumstark

i. Membership Certificates

Membership Cert. were not available at this time due to change of signatures of new Directors.

(d) Vice President – Wade Hinden

i. Signs/Advertisement

Ad to reflect change of membership meeting. Yard sign available after meeting.

ii. Wild Extravaganza, Booths, Tables

iii. Petrack Park. May 3, 4 & 5. Wade asked for volunteers to work the booths.

Volunteers would work a 2-hr shift.

iv. Well Testing

Wade was available at end of meeting for members sign up for well testing.

(e) Director – Helene Williams

i. Members Notebooks

Helene presented a new notebook for members.

ii. By-Laws Presentation

By-laws will be posted to website.

iii. Bulk Mailing Letter

Helene to draft letter to all well owners (8,000 plus) of Nye County informing them of the Private Well Owners Cooperative.


Copies of signed petitions to be submitted to Legislatures or government office.

Helene produced a trifold brochure for handouts

iv. Budget

Helene devised a budget for approval of members.

5. Old Business

A. Open Discussion Change of meeting from Saturday to weekday

Membership meeting was moved to March 28th, 2019 at the Museum

10am every 4th Thursday of each month. This vote is null and void because of motion made by a non-member.

6. New Business

Kenny Bent spoke on AB95

Motion made by Barbara Prochnow (non-member) to donate $50.00 a month to

Pahrump Museum for allowing the co-op to meet each month. Seconded by Larry

Blatchford. All were in favor.

Legal to collect and use rainwater

7. Adjourn Meeting

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Jack Anderson

Seconded by Charles Nebel

Signed:  Elaine Baumstark, Secretary



February 02, 2019

Pahrump Museum

401 E. Basin

10:00am– Saturday


John Bosta X Wade Hinden X Christina Stern X Dwight Lilly


34 Members

13 Visitors

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Review and approval of prior membership meeting minutes: 1-05-19

John Bosta motioned to approve, Ernie Jackson seconded, all were in favor

4. Reports, discussions and possible action(s)

(a) President- John Bosta

i. No Report

Wade chaired as Temporary President as John termed out.

(b) Secretary/Treasurer – Stern

i. Bank Statement and Expenses, Income

Made report, tried to get online, but it was temporarily shut down. Lance Shaus motioned to accept expenses, John Bosta seconded, all were in favor.

ii. Patronages

Christina is going to send Dwight a copy of our Profit & Loss report and we are going to call a lawyer for a free hour consultation to find out if our Co-op is liable to pay patronages every year. If so we will be paying them out sometime this year, and in doing research on internet, it looks like if members choose to donate back to the Co-op, they can. We are also looking at changing our entity from a 501(C)12 to a 501(C)4 possibly.

iii. Open Invoice Report

Report is available for member’s questioning their account at end of meeting

iv. Membership Certificates

Called out names and handed Members their Certificates and Envelopes

(c) Vice President – Hinden

ii. Volunteers for counting of ballots

Volunteers were chosen

i. Signs/Advertisement

Signs available at end of meeting for donation, you can replace your signs per weather damage

ii. Well Testing

Those who haven’t had their well tested, see Wade to put your name on list at end of meeting. We test for Water level, Nitrates, and PH, and TDS.

iii. Importance of filtering your drinking water

Filtering your water can help maintain your immune system. A member stressed importance of using filtered water to boil vegetables if you are not healthy as the well water enters your food. Boiling water only kills some bacteria, but does not illuminate toxins such as Arsenic, Nitrates, etc. A member brought up that Channel 5 had news report of Arsenic in water in Armagosa Valley. Wade said a filter will stop sand from getting into your water. He changes his out every 4 months. He also installed a .5 Micro filter(mesh style) in his well. This stops particles from coming into his water heater, refrigerator, etc. Also there are whole house reverse osmosis systems that include ultra violet light. He passed around a handout. He received his information from a website on Beverage consulting.

(d) Director – Lilly

i. T- shirts

Anthony Greco volunteered to help Dwight. He printed up a lot, wants to stick with color Blue only, Min donation $20.00, available after meeting.

ii. Radio show

KPFF 97.7 FM Mondays & Fridays at 7:00p. Has a Facebook Live Page you can search for Dwight Lilly and picture is of an old time radio. Click that page and watch it LIVE. Dwight found out from a gentleman in Las Vegas who purchased property out here by the Landfill that doesn’t have a liner, from watching his radio show. He visited our meeting today.

iii. Website

iv. Ground Water Education-Septic System Maintenance

Moved to next meeting, March 02, 2019 due to Elections

5. Old Business

None to report

6. New Business

Denise Maraz visited us to talk about Chemtrails that she has been investigating since 2009, 2010 and was working on filming a Documentary. She said, “Our Government and Mainstream media are lying to us about this topic. She had to discontinue documentary to protect her family. She let us know she contacted Geo Engineering Watch and they told her they have a class action suit that has been filed for Chemtrails for all humans in USA. She considers this to be a form of Human Experimentation done to us without consent. She also spoke of Agenda 21. She let us know that President Trump said he was going to put a stop to this spraying during his campaign, and has yet to do so. You can go to Geo Engineering Watch website to find out more information…..

Dwight brought up that New Board of Directors need to meet this week to discuss Legislative Process, discuss different committees for moving forward, and discuss changing General Membership meeting from Saturday back to week day again……

7. Election Results Announced

Congratulations to New Board of Directors:

President- Dwight Lilly- 77 votes

Vice President- Wade Hinden- 75 votes

Secretary- Elaine Baumstark- 72 votes

Treasurer- Christina Stern- 75 votes

Member at Large- Helene Williams- 36 votes

8. Adjourn Meeting

John Bosta motioned to adjourn meeting, Aaron Koehler seconded, all were in favor.

Signed by

Christina Stern




January 05, 2018

Pahrump Museum

401 E. Basin

10:00am– Saturday


x John Bosta x Wade Hinden x Christina Stern x Dwight Lilly


25 Members

21 Visitors

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Review and approval of prior membership meeting minutes: 12-01-18

John Bosta motioned to approve, Jack Anderson seconded, all were in favor

4. Reports, discussions and possible action(s)

(a) President- John Bosta

i. No Report

By the By-laws, this President is termed out

(b) Secretary/Treasurer – Stern

i. Bank Statement and Expenses, Income

Christina gave her report

ii. Open Invoice Report

Let everyone know they can come up after meeting to see what they owe

iii. Ballot

Will be mailed out with a stamped envelope to return

(c) Vice President – Hinden

i. Well Testing

well testing for new members will start up again in February

ii. Signs/Advertisement

If you need to replace a sign that was destroyed by winds, see Wade. We advertise with Pahrump Valley Times… many visitors showed up because of Ad.

(d) Director – Lilly

i. Presentation of Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws

He explained their updated by-laws, and he reminded them of T-shirts and wearing them during legislative process, and how important education of water, new business below. His Radio show is on Mon. and Friday nights in Pahrump KPFM 97.7 7pm – 8pm. He has it running Facebook live also.

5. Old Business

Kenny- Citizens Lobbyist Group

January 26, Saturday at 2pm at the Pahrump Museum, education class on how to use the Legislative process on their website, home based.

Legislation Registering

3 bills now are up that Kenny has seen that include conjunctive management, weaken and eventually eliminate beneficial use in favor of the date of priority. Legislatures need to be educated. You do not need to register once you learn how to use the legislative website from home.

6. New Business

A. Ground Water Education-

Preserving our Traditional Rural Lifestyle and Sole Aquifer

Educated us on Static Water Level testing- there is a depth of water in your well. At the top of your well you have a well cap and it has a plug in it we take that off. The Instrument Co-op uses looks like a tape measure, we lower this into your well and as soon as it touches water, a sensor goes off, and it measures how deep the water level is.

Total dissolved solids- Co-op has a tester, you have to shut your water off hour before testing. We can test for nitrates by filling up the tester with your water.

Basin 162 has only one source of water, groundwater runoff from the mountain. It is called perennial yield, goes into our Sole Aquifer.

7. Adjourn Meeting

John motioned to adjourn, Jack Anderson seconded, all were in favor

Signed by Secretary/Treasurer:



December 01, 2018

Pahrump Museum

401 E. Basin

10:00am– Saturday

 John Bosta Wade Hinden Christina Stern Dwight Lilly
Attendees:   Members   Visitors

Call to Order- Wade

  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Review and approval of prior membership meeting minutes: 11-03-18 Minutes

Ellen Predmore motion to approve the minutes, Jack Anderson seconded, all in favor, all ayes

  1. Reports, discussions and possible action(s)
  • President- John Bosta
  1. Election and Voting Process

Month of October thru Dec. 15, 2018 to send application for Board. January the Ballots are mailed out to those who are paid up to 2019. February votes are counted by volunteer committee members

  1. Thank the Members for allowing me to be a Director for four terms.

John thanked all of us for our votes in his continuance on the Board for four terms

  • Secretary/Treasurer – Stern
  1. Bank Statement and Expenses, Income

Christina gave her report, Jack Anderson motioned to accept the expenses this month, Aaron Koehler seconded, and all were in favor.

  1. Open Invoice Report

Told everyone she had updated report, if any questions they can come up after meeting

  • Membership Certificates

Handed out Membership Certificates, and will be mailing them out this month.

  • Vice President – Hinden
  1. Well Testing

He reminded them if they want there well tested to come up after meeting to sign up

  1. Signs/Advertisement

Anyone that wants a sign can come up after meeting

  • Director – Lilly
    1. The ongoing by-laws committee progress

Helene, Larry, Herman, Dwight, Kenny, and Greg are on the committee

  1. The organization of the cooperative membership education program

He thanked everyone for watching the video, apologized for how long, and told us that he will show videos in part so not so long. And wants to do education on water at end of meeting-Ground Water management plan about 15 min

  • Order 1293 rescinded

1293 A was the amended version, Pahrump Fair Water (group of Real Estate agents) sued the State Engineer, there were also Utility companies, Well drilling companies involved and they raised $40,000 and hired Taggert & Taggert (water attorneys).  Dwight will let us know the updates next meeting.

  1. Engineers are plugging holes in Water treatment

Posted on website by Dwight, adding non-potable water throughout the country to our water tables.  Website:  He discussed some issues with the website.  Dwight said we are going to need another chairman taking over the T-shirts.  Dwight wanted to thank John also and ask the group to give him applause for all his hard work as President.

Old Business

  1. New Business
  2. Introduction to Ground Water Management Plan

History:  In 2011, Nevada State Legislature passed into law Assembly Bill 419 referencing the submittal and approval by the State Engineer on the groundwater management plan.

Proponents of the plan was issued for particular basins, each basin is unique for present and future demands, available lands for development, existing populations and growth potential, types of uses, permitted water rights, domestic well density, production well locations, water utility availability, economic factors, and other conditions. Components of the plan could include a variety of actions and or state or local regulations to have groundwater withdrawals in step with the available groundwater supply.  The Pahrump Basin is one of the most over appropriated basins in Nevada and has the highest density of domestic wells of any basin in the State. In addition, the community of Pahrump has available need of lands in sufficient amount to support the population of 495,000 people. The Pahrump Basin perennial of 20,000 acre ft could support a population of approximately 80,000 people using the overall goal of 198 gallons per person per day adopted in the 2014 Pahrump Master Plan which was based on 18,000 acre ft. With the remaining perennial yield plus reuse water that future recharge credits available for irrigation. Note: Utilities doing business in the Pahrump Basin estimate average household usage within their service area at a range of 278-300 gallons per day per household.  This allowed them to create the Groundwater Management Plan.

In summation, since 1967, domestic wells have been allowed 2 acre ft of water, 1800 gal. per day.  In the plan was to get a half million people living here in Pahrump, the goal is for 198 gallons per day per person in the plan. 

 Larry Blatchford spoke up about us needing someone for the website, and reminded us that today was a good day to turn in the Board application to be on Board as we needed someone with Secretarial skills.

     John recommended that we look into “Sole Aquifer” as groundwater is being polluted.  Sewer water is going on to the parks and golf courses.  We need to become pro-active. They’re admitting that there is pharmaceuticals in our groundwater that has never been tested.

      Wade brought up about a Park for bird watchers that do have signs about staying off the grass, Dwight said that the golf courses have signs.

        Kenny re-interated on what John was saying.  He talked about a DVD called BioSludge by Mike Adams(  And another DVD called What Lies Upstream.    We test for 13 different toxins, but you need to know what you are looking for.

  1. Adjourn Meeting

Charles Nebel motioned to adjourn, Ellen Predmore seconded, all were in favor.

Signed by Secretary/Treasurer



November 03, 2018

Pahrump Museum

401 E. Basin

10:00am– Saturday

XJohn BostaXWade HindenXChristina Stern XDwight Lilly
Attendees: 23 Members 21 Visitors

Call to Order

  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Review and approval of prior membership meeting minutes: 09-01-18, 10-06-18 Minutes

Leo Blundo motioned to approve minutes, Charles Nebel seconded, all in favor ayes, no nays

  1. Reports, discussions and possible action(s)
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Stern
  1. Bank Statement and Expenses, Income

Leo Blundo motioned to approve bank report, Hugh Kendall seconded, all in favor ayes, no nays.

  1. Open Invoice Report

Treasurer told members they can come up and ask about their account

  • Membership Certificates

Called and handed out certificates

  • Vice President – Hinden
    1. No Reports
  • Director – Lilly
  • Video Presentation- Water and Power-A California Heist

      A movie about how water has become Gold to be traded and sold. A war between the Environment and Agriculture and the stealing of water legally (Kern County-Paramount Farms) at least according to the corrupt officials involved.  A town was completely without water and had to have help from other counties and be brought bottled water.

  Dwight said we will be showing more movies about water in other meetings to help educate us.

Old Business

  • Revisit Topic- Removal letter-Helene Williams- ( Members Only)

     Let the members know that there was an apology letter emailed to Helene

  1. New Business

        Applications for Board Members were emailed out to those with emails and will be mailed this month. 

     Dwight told us about another video he wants to show called Cadillac Desert.

Bosta told us about the meeting he attended for Moapa Valley Water District.  There’s a curtailment order.  State Engineer doesn’t want to go by beneficial use, he wants to go by priority date.  Larry informed us of the by-law committee. 

  1. Adjourn Meeting

       Charles Nebel motioned to adjourn the meeting, Jack Anderson seconded, all in favor ayes, no nays

Signed by Secretary/ Treasurer



October 06, 2018

Pahrump Museum

401 E. Basin

10:00am– Saturday


X John Bosta X Wade Hinden Christina Stern X Dwight Lilly


27 Members

3 Visitors

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Review and approval of prior membership meeting minutes: 09-01-18 Minutes

None approved

4. Reports, discussions and possible action(s):

(a) President – Bosta

Helene was handed a refusal letter to renew her membership and a member stood up and said that we need to inform the membership as to why. John stated his case as to why

i. The Treaty of Guadalupe-California Supreme Court Case

Vinod Khosla bought Myrtle Beach property and people were using his land to go to Beach and the Coastal Commission said he had too let them use the easement across his land. So he filed a lawsuit, and applied the Treaty of Guadalupe he said he had a patent to the land and the State had no right and he won in District Court. He went to the Appellate Court and they ruled in his favor also. The State Legislature did an adoptive said that he had to give them the easement, and they went back to the 1972 prices, and the offered him 300,000 dollars for an easement, and he said, “No, he wanted 30 million dollars for the easement.” And the State refused and try to come up with other options like he didn’t have permits, etc., and he said, “Look, this is my property, I own it, and I don’t have to give you an easement”. And now it’s in Supreme Court. If this man wins the Supreme Court Case, it will close the Public Beaches on 1100 miles of California Beaches. This patent and the Treaty is going to be heard in the United States Supreme Court.

Reference: Sept. 2, 2018 New York Times article, “Sue at Your Own Risk”, page 5 last sentence 2nd paragraph, ”In one legal maneuver, he traced the property back to the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo between the United States and Mexico, claiming it supersedes the Coastal Act.” The Supremacy Clause is the provision in Article Six, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution that establishes the United States Constitution, Federal Statutes, and Treaties are “the supreme law of the land”. It provides that these are the highest form of law in the United States legal system, and mandates that all state judges must follow federal law when a conflict arises between federal law and either a state constitution or state law of any state.

John said Myrtle Beach, however it was Martins Beach, and the State Lands Commission estimated the cost at $360,000.

(b) Secretary/Treasurer – Stern

i. Bank Statement and Expenses, Income-

ii. Open Invoice Report

iii. Membership Certificates

No Reports

(c) Vice President – Hinden

i. Advertising

Will discuss Pahrump Valley Times or Over the Hump-No Ads this month

ii. Signs- Update-

donation min.- $10ea.—See Wade

iii. Well Testing

Well Testing, use water filter if you are drinking your water to keep sand out

iv. Fall Festival-Thanks to Membership

We shared with Dennis Hof and we had Republicans there, and we had a guy who had Trump hats and T-Shirts, and Wade thanked the Membership for their help, long weekend.

(d) Director – Lilly

i. T Shirts

Dwight is gonna use blue colored T-Shirts only., He wants to be our voice and reminded us we are the backbone. He talked about Salt Cedars, and they don’t drink as much water as they tried to proclaim. He wants to play the DVD about Water in California, 1 hour 19 min. at the beginning, everyone agreed and applauded., and he continued if you don’t believe after watching this and you still don’t come away with… that you have to fight tooth and nail to protect your domestic wells, then he doesn’t know what to say.

ii. Schinhofen allegations about Co-op

Schinhofen has been spending a lot of time in the press badmouthing our Co-op is lying and that they can Go and look up Facts about Water plan and Facts at the Water District Governing Board website. That is the information they are putting out there, but in Dwight’s opinion, using common sense and logic, if someone’s effort underfoot to take our domestic well allocation, cut it down, and use that allocation to build more housing developments. The Ground Water Management Plan he feels is full of smoke and mirrors.

iii. Metering Plan for Domestic Wells

Schinhofen has also been heard to say, “We aren’t going to try to meter your wells” Dwight brought an Article from the Spring of 2015, PVT newspaper where it was agendized on the Agenda to be included into the Water Plan to meter your wells. The manager and chairman of the water Board met with the State Engineer, and the came up with Order # 1293. The intent was to cut back wells to a ½ acre foot. Dwight is using 2 acre feet per a meter on his well.

iv. 501(C)12- Political PAC, LLC discussion

No Report

v. Plan going forward- steps to protecting our Aquifer from contamination

No Report

5. Old Business

(a) Members attending public meetings & Letters to our Commissioners update

All of us should be writing our letters to protect our wells. Is the County taking the Town of Pahrump’s money? He believes we all should attend the Public meetings and start asking questions. Cast our Vote for Members of our Co-op.

(b) Director Election – Nominations October thru November 30

Dwight is going to put his name in for President!

Postcards to Well Owners update-

No Report

Education of Water-Ad in Over the Hump

Over the Hump is $115-$150

(c) Petition to State Eng., Letters to Realtors

No Report

6. New Business

a) DWIGHT LILLY 97.7 RADIO SHOW $100.00 mo.

Jan Dechant moved we pay for Radio Shows, $100 mo., Ellen Predmore seconded, all Ayes in favor, no nays

Larry made a motion to allow Helene to reinstate her membership, Leo Blundo seconded, all in favor aye, 4 nay. John said ayes have it. John said he asked for the action to soon. Couple of members asked for discussion only. Leo Blundo said that he thinks they should present the evidence.

Helene spoke, said she joined Tom Adam’s By-Laws committee, made corporate Notebook. Would like to run for Board.

Leo Blundo clarified it’s discussion that it isn’t over, and so did a few other people screaming over Larry.

Kenny Bent spoke on this item after reading emails between her and Tom Adams and, he believed it to also be attacks and removal of Bosta and that it would help destroy the Co-op from the inside of our ranks.

Leo Blundo motioned that the Board of Director’s present it’s case to the body, and this item be revisited next meeting, Nov. 3, 2018, Linda Thornburg seconded, all voted aye.

7. Adjourn Meeting-

Meeting adjourned

Signed by

Christina Stern- PWOC Secretary/Treasurer




Sept. 6, 2018

Pahrump Museum

401 E. Basin

10:00 am – Saturday

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Review and approval of prior membership meeting minutes: 08-04-18 Minutes

Leo Blundo motioned to approve minutes, Marvin Markham seconded, all voted yea

4. Reports, discussions and possible action(s):

(a) President – Bosta

i. Update- Bongiovi Attorney & CPA

John updated the members on the purpose of our Co-op. and the expenses we paid are in accordance to our purpose. There are 4 bills right now on Water going through this next year’s legislative process. We lost the law firm Bongiovi.

(b) Secretary/Treasurer – Stern

i. Bank Statement and Expenses, Income

Verbal Report made. Greco motioned to accept expenses, Leo Blundo seconded, all voted yea

ii. Open Invoice Report

Told the members they can ask at end of meeting to check and see how much they owe.

iii. Membership Certificates

iv. September Invoicing and Membership Dues

Invoicing all members this month, mailing out

(c) Vice President – Hinden

i. Advertising

He said we need to start reading the PVT paper. This month we will pay for ad.

ii. Signs- Update- order of signs- 100ea.

2- sided signs, for a min. of 10.00 donation or more.

iii. Well Testing

2 wells had high nitrate readings

iv. New Applications

Posted to website:, can download, print, and fill out.

(d) Director – Lilly

i. T Shirts

Took off for summer heat, will have more shirts October meeting.

ii. 501(C)12- Political PAC, LLC discussion

Still looking into

iii. Plan going forward- steps to protecting our Aquifer from contamination

Nitrates and Agent Orange (Cotton farming) use are issues with our aquifer

iv. Ceramic Filter

Dwight brought in his homemade water filter, and showed everyone the ceramic filter he bolted at the bottom of a high grade bucket.

(e) Director – Adams-

resigned by email from Board and Membership.

5. Old Business

(a) Members attending public meetings & Letters to our Commissioners update

Reminded members how important this is

(b) Director Election – Nominations October thru November 30

President Board of Directors position is termed out, volunteer to be on Board in Tom’s Director position, and next two months, make your nominations

(c) Postcards to Well Owners update

6. New Business

i. Well Owners signs for donations $10.00 min

Larry spoke and showed that his pump was fried and the cost.

7. Adjourn Meeting

Signed by Secretary/Treasurer:




May 17, 2018

Pahrump Museum

401 E. Basin

10:00 am – Thursday

XJohn BostaXWade Hinden Christina SternXDwight LillyXTom Adams

24 Members, 3 Visitors attended

  1. Call to order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance –
  3. Review and approval of previous membership meeting minutes- 3-0 vote to approve 4-19-18 minutes.
  4. Reports
    1. President – John Bosta
      1. Immediate Resignation of Secretary – Accepted – Secretary resigned 5/05/18 Board Meeting, received letter of Resignation.
        1. Board of Directors Appointed Christina Stern Temp Secretary/Treasurer pursuant to the By-Laws, page 35 lines 2-4: Section Six, Vacancies Management Members Board; Any vacancy occurring in the Board or Officer or committee Member shall have the position filled by a temporary appointment by the Board.   Christina accepted position
      2. Pursuant to the By-Laws, page 31 lines 22-23: The Board shall be composed of members of the Co-Op. The Board shall be composed of five (5) members. Therefore, the Board has no vacancy.  Board positions are accepted and filled at this time, Dean Miller refused position. John started with Agenda Item 8 with Board Director Tom Adams
    2. Treasury – Christina Stern – President John will do this report
      1. Financial Report
        1. Expenses-Dwight Lilly – Reimbursement for materials, equipment wear,electrical costs and auto fuel for Co-op Tee Shirts.
        2. Ads for June 2018- Over the Hump
        3. Total Expenses
      2. Robert Dey motioned that we accept paying the bills, seconded by Judith Holmgren, and  voted yea unanimously.
      3. Membership certificates.  Wade handed out the Certificates.  John announced the balance of certificates will be mailed
      4. Wade told us that our ad wasn’t in the PVT this time
    3. Vice President – Wade Hinden
      1. Well testing-he explained the well testing to the Membership.
      2. Signs
    4. Director – Dwight Lilly
      1. Court hearing, May 10th – Pahrump Fair Water v. State Engineer and I will discuss the challenges ahead in the legislature and if needed, legal trenches.
      2. Pahrump Fair Water group is made up of realtors, etc., suing the State Engineer for stay of Order 1293. Dwight’s opinion is that he felt the attorneys they used for Water Law were excellent and could represent us in future, if need be.
      3. Plus an update on my campaign.- Dwight told us of all the meetings he has attended, it’s his opinion that we the people are not being represented by our local officials.  This is why he chose to run against Schinhofen. Dwight believes that the open meeting laws have been violated at the Commission meetings, and he asked for volunteers to help him out with the T-shirt fundraiser, etc. and down to Agenda item 9…
    5. Director – Tom Adams
      1. Bylaw Committee – Helene & Aaron
      2. Status, Purpose of PWOC, Legislative restrictions?
        1.  Tom spoke and gave presentation:  Status remains the same at this time, misconceptions of open meeting laws discussed, He showed us the Articles of Incorporation, and how the by-laws are repeating what they state. Chapter 82, 501(c)12
        2. We are to be guided by open meeting laws, 2. We will comply with the spirit of open meeting laws. Open meeting laws are specific to public organization and we are a private organization, so open meeting laws do not apply.  A public body is a government body of 2 or more people supported by tax dollars.
        3. Legislative restrictions- he showed us another organization who is a 501(C)12, and makes political contributions.  John has an appointment to call on the 22nd of this month to contact a CPA Accountant to make sure we are filing taxes correctly, and Tom brought up if we don’t get legislatively active, we will lose because they are using legislative actions to fight us well owners.  More members need to start attending the BOCC meetings and make your public comments. Wade said, “The BOCC meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of every month, here in Pahrump.” Go to  Now back to Agenda Item 5…
  5. Old business – UDATE: Realtor’s Letters- Committee/Board?
    1. Kenny spoke on this: that either the Board form a committee or the Board create a letter to all realtors that they abide by Disclosure laws- Kenny in doing research found nothing in law at this time, his suggestion is get 3 County Commissioner’s to create an ordinance.
  6. New Business
    1. Member ship meeting change, start July, 1st Saturday of month, at 1pm-In changing the meeting day and time, Board feels we could get more members to attend who work during the week. Volunteers to Set- up & take down chairs and tables after meeting- Only when Saturday meetings begin- Volunteers are Dey, Schmidt, Garrett, Markley, Roth. Blundo motioned that we move the meeting to first Saturday of month at 1pm, seconded by Garrett, yeas by membership, one apposed.  Jack Anderson motioned that meeting beginning on Saturdays is moved back to 10am.  Seconded by Blundo, and members voted aye, two Nays.   Meeting time is changed to 10am. New ad in Paper in June, and send notices to all members.
  7. Comments from/to members
    1. Need volunteers for various Museum projects
    2. Blundo spoke about NO METERS ON WELLS.  Is our water worth fighting for? John has a list of subdivisions that water was dedicated too, and asked Dwight to post to Website:   John reminded group to contact your District Commissioner and your State Legislators and tell them to leave our real property alone.
  8. Adjourn meeting
    1. Meeting Adjourned


Signed by:                                 ___________________________________

Christina Stern- Secretary/Treasurer