Past Meeting minutes (Archived)


The meeting was called to order by John Bosta at approximately 10:00 at the Pahrump Museum. There were 29 members and 17 guests in attendance. Wade Hinden led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The first order of business was to pay the Bills. Ross Huebner was paid $400.00 and now has a company name of “Premier Management”. Charlotte LeVar was paid $112.45 for office supplies.

There is a total of $9,987.56 in the bank not counting the amount that will be deposited after the meeting.

The logo of the t-shirt was decided on. A motion was made and seconded and you will note the logo on the web site.

The by-laws committee has not met.

The sign committee is going forward getting the signs designed with the new logo and they will be placed in busy areas for the best possible exposure. Wade and a couple of other members involved will see the individual that will make up the signs to have a better idea of cost and promoting the new logo.

The t-shirts will also have the new logo on it. When these shirts are available, everyone will be notified of cost, sizes, etc. A motion was made, seconded, and passed.

The law suit is still in the Supreme Court of Nevada.

A motion was made and seconded and passed to have the Pahrump Museum made an member of the Co-op.

Due to the fact the Legislature will be meeting in Carson City beginning February 6, 2017, John Bosta, Wade Hinden and two other members are going to represent the Private Well Owners Cooperative and give testimony. The cost of the motel room will be $100.00 a night which will have two double beds and be paid by the co-op as well as meals, gas, and expenses dealing with handing out our literature. Each person is paying for their own lobbists fee. It must be noted at the time of this meeting there were 20 water bills going forward and over 803 bills total. This information was from January 13, 2017. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to support the payment of the 4 individuals to go to Carson City. John Bosta will be using a credit card from the Co-op.

Ballots will be mailed out the beginning of February. There will be a return envelope included. It was decided that members will have to supply the stamp for the return of the ballot. Ballots will be counted at the next meeting, which is February 16, 2017, at the Museum, to determine who will be in the following positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, and two members at large. The individuals who are running for these positions are: John Bosta for President, Wade Hinden and Dwight Lilly for Vice-President and/or member at large, Charlotte LeVar for Secy/Treasurer and Larry Blatchford for member at large.

There was a discussion regarding the Water District Agenda which happened on January 18, 2017. Also there is a Senate Bill 21 which would eliminate the Water Board.

On January 28, 2017 at 12:00 (noon) Janine Hansen will be at the Republican Office to make a presentation on how to lobby from home over the internet. A person can go to This is the website of State of Nevada.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:15 am. The next meeting will be February 16, 2017 at 10:00 am.


There were 23 members and 23 visitors in attendance.

John Bosta opened the meeting at approximately 10:00 am with Wade Hinden beginning the Pledge of Allegiance. There were no bills to pay. The Co-op has $9,690.56 in the bank account. The By-Laws committee has not met as yet so thee is nothing to report. The Robbins and Blatchfords wish to have signs put on their properties. The signs will include the website. We need them on well traveled roads. Kenny & Wade will make sure where they are placed. There is a $500.00 budget. Martin, Herman Lewis and Anthony Grecco want 4 x 8 signs. Ron on Leslie is also on the list. We need physical addresses.

T-shirt designs will be voted on at the next meeting. there will be several designs to choose from. All designs will include our website. John liked the circle sign but we need to look at the color combination. There is a total of 9 designs. Charlotte did not bring them but she will bring them to the next meeting.

Volunteers have come forth to count ballots next month. They are: Marti Schaoke, Terri Nelson and Robbya Gibbons. We also have two (2) names to be placed on the ballot to conclude the Election of Officers.

The Supreme Court gave us 11 days to answer paperwork that was sent to use. John contacted Ross who submitted a motion pro-say and we have an attorney Tom Gibson. We did not get Tom to give a response but Ross will take care of this today for a response. We have to file this by December 25th. Tom Gibson stated that he was no longer our attorney and the Supreme Court stated that the correct paperwork had not been given to the Supreme Court. They are trying to dismiss our law suit. The law suit and the paperwork will be on the web site to assure everyone knows what is transpiring. John will see Ross this evening. The Supreme Court wants to terminate this prior to the new legislature. It would gut a huge portion of the water law. A motion was made and seconded to use some of the funds to get another attorney to assure that the law suit is properly handled. It was approved. John made the statement that most of the co-op’s money had been already doing that and what we need to do. John checks it every day to assure the law suit is being handled properly. Motion was made and passed.

But, we need to gear up and make sure emails get out, generic comment letters, etc. go to committee members in Carson City who are going to hear the BDRs (bills) on water. We need to take immediate action in Feb. to lobby against/for water bills. The committee meets from 9:30 am to noon. We need to get their attention. Therefore, we can write letters and have them read into the record. It would take the committee’s time and hopefully they will see the difference. There are approximately 500 BDRs and we need to narrow it down to which ones pertain to water.

Monday, at the Water District meeting, they are putting all their plans in order. In 2004/2005, it was written to have a community water system and sewer system in place that would include the 3 utilities and they would work as one unit. All this is being orchestrated but it is behind the scenes. Kenny Bent knows it was stated in 2005.

On Jan 28th, Jeanine Hansen will hold classed on citizen’s legislature at the Republican Headquarters at approximately 12:00 noon. Thee is a very short fuse on a bill being in committee. We need to have emails. Must bombard these guys. On Feb. 6th the legislation starts. Get on Jeanine Hansen’s email list. Charlotte & Dan LeVar are members of the “Nevada Families for Freedom” which is Jeanine Hansen’s newsletter and her website is:

Ballots will be sent out after the next meeting. The ballots will be numbered and mailed with an envelope but you will be putting the stamp on when it is returned. The date will be put on it to assure when it should be returned. The committee will take care of opening an counting them at the February meeting. 3 people have signed up to open and count ballots.

We will continue to have a Board of five. There was a motion and a second to that effect.

Under new business the question came up of the possibility of having a fund raiser at the Moose Lodge. We would like to go forward with it but it is difficult this time of year.

Again, we are a non-profit cooperative but if you make a donation it cannot be taken off you income tax. Dennis Hof gave a $500.00 donation and others have donated to ur. But the majority has come from the membership due to the rules of the 501C-12. Hopefully Jeanine Hansen will assist us in Carson City. Silver Springs is going to have a “well owner’s cooperative rallly” that will be on the 6th. We may be able to assist. The meeting adjourned at approximately 11:00 am Charlotte LeVar, Secretary.


The meeting began at approximately 10:00 am. Wade Hinden led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
There were 35 members and 50 non-members in attendance.

Prior to the meeting, we had two guests and John Bosta introduced them to speak prior to the meeting. He checked by by-laws as we are a 501 (C)(12) to assure that there was not a problem for a candidate to speak at the meeting. Dennis Hof is running for Nevada State Assembly District 36.
Dennis Hof stated that he has been in business in Nevada for 40 years and owns brothels and several other businesses. He stated he is not a politician but does not like the way things are going. He stated that he does not like the Commerce tax. The tax is detrimental and we don’t need this tax. He stated he has written a book. He supported Tina Trenner. The Commerce tax has raised our taxes by a billion and a half. He is a conservative as well as a Libertarian. We are the real Nevadans. 81% of us voted NO but here we are with the tax and it goes to the rural counties not the kids. Look up “” and see what’s next. He stated he has a lot of wells. He does not want anyone to take his well water rights away. During the meeting, Dennis Hof asked if he could make a $500.00 donation to take care of the web site. We are very great full for the offer and have accepted. He will be in contact with us soon.

The State Engineer is trying to take our water and/or reduce our water and they should pay for it if they do. We, who have wells, do not have to show beneficial use whereas the water rights SHOULD show beneficial use every 5 years. Ken Searles, a private well owner, is also on the Water Board. He shared with us that regarding the possible effectiveness, if the water law is changed. The people that have water rights should show use or lose but they are not doing that. If the law is changed, they may never have to show use or lose.

Mr. Maurizio sent out an email that we were in violation of our meetings by contracting a person to upgrade our web site. We have contracted Shane Coursen of “Let’s Talk Graphics” and is being hired to upgrade our web site. He thanked us for having him at the meeting. In his motorcycle club he is known as “Hard Drive”. He has a background of about 30 years in computers and computer security. He does onsite computer repair as well.

There is a website currently but it does not allow us to be interactive with members. He is redoing it by using “work press”. However, use caution and there should be NO in-fighting with one another. The Board will be able to use it and keep it going. Shane’s contract will cost $490.00 and we have not violated any by-laws.

We have updated our bank account to U.S. Bank. We now have $6,471.68 in our bank account. We have written 2 checks but we cannot do any more until we get our new checks.

I, Charlotte, made a statement that I had never made a deposit and had given all funds to Frank, cash/and or checks. We had locks changed on our Post Office box and also changed the bank. We want to make sure all of us are on the same page. We are waiting for new checks. According to our by-laws, we have to have 2 signatures on our checks. There was a great deal of discussion on how business was and how it was conduct before and how it has been upgraded.

One individual wanted to know if it was okay to pay by cash and we stated it was but for a paper trail it would be better by check.

Regarding our law suit, in the 1st week of June Tom Gibbons was terminated at pro bono attorney. Now we are in pro say. The Supreme Court still has the law suit but the Attorney General wants this to be taken care of prior to the start of the new legislation session. Paperwork was sent prior on the 23rd of this month. The Supreme Court is having a difficult time to rule against us. If they rule against us, we will go to the Federal Court. We have spent over $6,000.00 to this date. Both pro say law suits from Frank and John have been paid for by the co-op. IF you want to follow the case of the co-op vs. the State of Nevada go to the State of Nevada Supreme case search 68448 or type in upper case BOSTA and this will bring the case up and you will be able to follow what is going on.

Pete Goicoechea’s name was brought up along with NRS 533 conjunctive management as well as NRS 534 underground water. Our group has got to be ready to combat the BDRs that are coming up. John has tried bringing up a BDR at the last meeting he was at in Las Vegas but the Chairman wouldn’t even hear it. A BDR is a Bill Draft Request. Goicoechea is the Chairman of Government Affairs. He needs to be replaced as our Senator.

Kenny Bent stated that we need to organize the 50,000 well owners in the State. 8 Democrats voted against SB65. If we can get a data sheet of people who own wells and contact people in the state using the APN numbers we may have a chance. Jeanine Hansen is running against Pete Goicoechea and we should support her as she feels the way we do regarding our private wells. Kenny spoke with Jeanine Hansen but as yet she has not gone out to raise any funds. However, she would like to teach us about more water issues.

There has been an issue that was brought up regarding a resolution to terminate all NRS statues. This happened on May 1, 1951. More research has to be done.

Andy Alberti made a motion and it was seconded that we need to update our by-laws. The people who volunteered for the committee are John Bosta, Wade Hinden, Andy Alberti, Dan Morrow and possibly Terri Nelson and Dwight Lilly. This committee will be an advisory committee only and the suggested changes will be put on the web site. Then these changes will have to be approved by the membership and Board. A date will have to be set to meet and begin the update. We need to be transparent and in Black & White!

Signs regarding the water co-op was discussed. Andy made a motion and it was seconded. There will be a maximum of $500.00 spent and we will have signs placed around Pahrump regarding water. Frame works that can be put on properties. We need to have an 4 x 8 sign for Larry Blanchford and one for Stacy McGuire who live on 1241 Wilson. Signs should read like:
“Government Wants to Steal Your Water” or “Got Milk? NO! Got Water? NO!” or “Protect Your Water” or “Who’s Stealing Your Water?” but they all must have the following: “Join the Private Well Owners Co-Op” and the web site We need to bring everyone’s attention to the water issue. Dennis Hof has agreed to allow us to put signs on his properties in Crystal as well at the Alien. The signs will by 4 x 8 large and 2 x 2 small. We need to talk to everyone and bring their attention to water wells.

John requested that everyone go to the web site and download 5 applications and start handing them out.

There is a BDR going forward to disband the Water Board which was created in 2007. We find their main function was to try to import water into the valley.

We are going to try for a meeting on October 20, 2016 at the Moose Lodge but this has not been confirmed yet. That will be a meeting on every Thursday at 10:00 am.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 11:50 am.

Written by Charlotte LeVar, Secretary
Pahrump Well Owners