Membership Meeting Minutes

Date: – Wednesday May 1, 2024.                                  Time:  10:00 a.m.
Location: – Pahrump Valley Museum.
Call to Order: 10:00 a.m.
Pledge of Allegiance- Led by Matthew Burg, Chair
Attendees and Determination of Quorum – Sergeant at Arms – Yes
Adoption of Agenda: – Motion, 2 nd. Approved
Introduction of Board: –  Matthew Burg, Budd Watkins, Jacky Walker & Joyce Barishman, Helene Williams not in attendance.
Chair’s Report: – Matthew Burg wishing Helene Williams a speedy recovery.
Approve Minutes: Motion, 2nd.  Approved
Treasurer’s Report: – Back of meeting agenda. Approved by members present.
Directors Reports: –Joyce Barishman spoke about ALKA Products LLC. , the glove factory and the facts that were found about employment in Pahrump, bringing possible new green card holders for work permits. ALKA
Products LLC. More facts are necessary.
Old/Unfinished Business: – None
New Business: – N/A
Educational Class: – “Domestic Well Maintenance” presented by Budd Watkins,
PWOA Vice Chair
Members Open Forum: – Stories Shared
Adjournment: – Time 10:32 am– Motion, 2nd.  Approved.                                           
Next Members Meeting – Wednesday June 5, 2024. 
June Class – Information to be updated on website.

Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Barishman
Joyce Barishman
Minutes Secretary