Meeting Minutes





May 18, 2017

Pahrump Museum

401 E. Basin

10:00 am – Thursday

Call to order

  1. Pledge of Allegiance


Attendance-52 total, members-33, visitors-19

Discussion, Action, Decision

  1. Bank Statement- Ending Balance 4-30-17–$9,707.43
  2. Pay the bills- Expenses and Reimbursements-Total $933.12


Kenny Bent-Parchment paper & Envelopes for Members Certificates – $50.53

Dwight Lilly- T-shirts and Logos supplies- $723.44

Wade- $65.00

John Bosta- $56.15

Shane’s May Invoice

Printing Cost- $38.00

Motion to accept Total- Dan motioned, Mike Calix seconded, all voted Yea unanimously.


  1. Secretary/Treasurer Report-Christina
  2. Members Certificates
  3. Law suits
  4. a) Nevada Supreme Court-May 2nd, 2017 filed hardcopy of Appendix files—Talking about Act of 1866, State of Nevada southern boundary was the 37th Parallel, after statehood 1864, on the east side statehood of Nevada, a county in Utah was added to the state boundary, and the area below the 37th Parallel which includes Southern Nye County, and all of Clark County. In 1866, was an enactment of Congress giving that land to the State of Nevada with no restrictions, and no comment about the 16th or 37th Parallel, no comment about withholding of water and that one Act made all of the Land south of the 37th Parallel state property. The state has issued patents here in Basin 162 and Basin 230, and Amargosa valley for those lands and they are in private ownership and the water was not withheld from the face of the patents so therefore the water belongs to the landowner. The state of Nevada has been saying that BLM has 93% of the Land especially in Clark County. This act says the Land belongs to the state of Nevada and all of the land below the 37th Parallel, BLM claims they own and have jurisdiction, John believes is a violation of law. The state says all of this land is Desert Entry Act, Homestead Act, and Cary Act. In the state of Nevada there is 1,600,000 acres of land issued under the state selected land patents, there’s 330 + acres issued under the Desert Entry Act, 8 applications under the Cary Act was made, 6 of those were returned and abandoned, the 2, one in Washoe County and one in Clark County, have been relinquished. There are no Cary Act patents in the state of Nevada. The state AG office is claiming that all of these patents came underneath these Acts. They also claimed in 1850, there were no towns in the Nevada. They overlooked Mormon Station which is Genoa in Washoe County. It was the first Capital of the United Sates. Before statehood, that land was in the Utah Territory, and then in 1864 when we became a State, that county was added to the original Enactment Act for the territory of Nevada. In 1866, 2 additional pieces of property was given to the state of Nevada after statehood, one is a County in Utah, and second is




the tip of Nevada which includes the Colorado River for water source and all of this history has been denied or doesn’t exist by the state Engineers office. It’s been added to the paperwork and exhibits, and they returned the exhibits saying since we were Pro Se, they wouldn’t accept the disc, we had all the documents and exhibits printed and refiled as hardcopies, and immediately the AG office said that we failed to remove 2 documents, one is the platt showing the state selected land Acts here in Pahrump valley, and they denied the face of a water Act and what we found are NRS’s that describes patents for the State of Nevada and we have again used those statements of the NRS’s against the state AG’s office and it points out that the land is received in fee Title. The super ownership of land is a patent directly from the Federal or state government to the landowner, then those patent owners can subdivide land and give deeds. All deeds that we have recorded in ownership of land is under the color of the law. Under the color of law means, they’re acting as if it were a law, but the document that proved ownership from the Federal or state Government is a patent. The state wants to deny that. 2 lawsuits were filed by Mr. Maurizio (former president of PWOC) and the state combined both into one lawsuit starting in August of 2013. All Documents submitted and recorded can be found on the Nevada Supreme Court website by searching the #68448 for this case in court. Dwight made a motion to submit all documents to each member, but Chairman John refused saying members can search themselves as too much expense for paperwork, and we need to stick to Agenda. Disclosure statements were handed out to all Board members to sign.


  1. b) District Court-April 25th, 2017 Judge Wanker ruled in John’s favor to protect his 1st Amendment Right by dismissing Water District’s $22,123.00 Attorney fees


Accusing John of harassing the Water District—Dismissed!!!

  1. By-laws Committee Report


Larry discussed we need time for revising. We are considering 501C3, not decided…..Marvin motioned, seconded by Marti, it was brought up by member that political statements can’t be made under 501C3, Judith asked difference between 501c12 and 501C3. Ron stated that 501C3 not a good path. Members voted Nay

  1. Sign Committee Report-Wade- 4 x 8 sign is made and if you want a sign on your property, ask Wade
  2. T-Shirts Report-Dwight


Discussion, Action, Decision

Contacting your Assembly and Legislators

Old Business

New Business—Report on GWMP-Kenny- and SB 21, BOCC and Planning commission

Kenny discussed that we are in Deficit of approximately 4900 hundred acre ft. a year after Shaw Engineering Reports about our water. We are in decline. John discussed the grants that the Water District is using from DOE, Yucca Mountain, etc. Herman questioned water district members on budget. GWE 2006, Nuclear Repository Project…Water District denies any connection.

Comments from Members- Herman says follow the money, that’s why they are lying to us. Dwight has radio show on facebook, and pushback from community tried to have him shutdown…


Thank you for your kindness and respect.