Meeting Minutes



May 17, 2018

Pahrump Museum

401 E. Basin

10:00 am – Thursday

X John Bosta X Wade Hinden Christina Stern X Dwight Lilly X Tom Adams

24 Members, 3 Visitors attended

  1. Call to order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance –
  3. Review and approval of previous membership meeting minutes- 3-0 vote to approve 4-19-18 minutes.
  4. Reports
    1. President – John Bosta
      1. Immediate Resignation of Secretary – Accepted – Secretary resigned 5/05/18 Board Meeting, received letter of Resignation.
        1. Board of Directors Appointed Christina Stern Temp Secretary/Treasurer pursuant to the By-Laws, page 35 lines 2-4: Section Six, Vacancies Management Members Board; Any vacancy occurring in the Board or Officer or committee Member shall have the position filled by a temporary appointment by the Board.   Christina accepted position
      2. Pursuant to the By-Laws, page 31 lines 22-23: The Board shall be composed of members of the Co-Op. The Board shall be composed of five (5) members. Therefore, the Board has no vacancy.  Board positions are accepted and filled at this time, Dean Miller refused position. John started with Agenda Item 8 with Board Director Tom Adams
    2. Treasury – Christina Stern – President John will do this report
      1. Financial Report
        1. Expenses-Dwight Lilly – Reimbursement for materials, equipment wear,electrical costs and auto fuel for Co-op Tee Shirts.
        2. Ads for June 2018- Over the Hump
        3. Total Expenses
      2. Robert Dey motioned that we accept paying the bills, seconded by Judith Holmgren, and  voted yea unanimously.
      3. Membership certificates.  Wade handed out the Certificates.  John announced the balance of certificates will be mailed
      4. Wade told us that our ad wasn’t in the PVT this time
    3. Vice President – Wade Hinden
      1. Well testing-he explained the well testing to the Membership.
      2. Signs
    4. Director – Dwight Lilly
      1. Court hearing, May 10th – Pahrump Fair Water v. State Engineer and I will discuss the challenges ahead in the legislature and if needed, legal trenches.
      2. Pahrump Fair Water group is made up of realtors, etc., suing the State Engineer for stay of Order 1293. Dwight’s opinion is that he felt the attorneys they used for Water Law were excellent and could represent us in future, if need be.
      3. Plus an update on my campaign.- Dwight told us of all the meetings he has attended, it’s his opinion that we the people are not being represented by our local officials.  This is why he chose to run against Schinhofen. Dwight believes that the open meeting laws have been violated at the Commission meetings, and he asked for volunteers to help him out with the T-shirt fundraiser, etc. and down to Agenda item 9…
    5. Director – Tom Adams
      1. Bylaw Committee – Helene & Aaron
      2. Status, Purpose of PWOC, Legislative restrictions?
        1.  Tom spoke and gave presentation:  Status remains the same at this time, misconceptions of open meeting laws discussed, He showed us the Articles of Incorporation, and how the by-laws are repeating what they state. Chapter 82, 501(c)12
        2. We are to be guided by open meeting laws, 2. We will comply with the spirit of open meeting laws. Open meeting laws are specific to public organization and we are a private organization, so open meeting laws do not apply.  A public body is a government body of 2 or more people supported by tax dollars.
        3. Legislative restrictions- he showed us another organization who is a 501(C)12, and makes political contributions.  John has an appointment to call on the 22nd of this month to contact a CPA Accountant to make sure we are filing taxes correctly, and Tom brought up if we don’t get legislatively active, we will lose because they are using legislative actions to fight us well owners.  More members need to start attending the BOCC meetings and make your public comments. Wade said, “The BOCC meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of every month, here in Pahrump.” Go to  Now back to Agenda Item 5…
  5. Old business – UDATE: Realtor’s Letters- Committee/Board?
    1. Kenny spoke on this: that either the Board form a committee or the Board create a letter to all realtors that they abide by Disclosure laws- Kenny in doing research found nothing in law at this time, his suggestion is get 3 County Commissioner’s to create an ordinance.
  6. New Business
    1. Member ship meeting change, start July, 1st Saturday of month, at 1pm-In changing the meeting day and time, Board feels we could get more members to attend who work during the week. Volunteers to Set- up & take down chairs and tables after meeting- Only when Saturday meetings begin- Volunteers are Dey, Schmidt, Garrett, Markley, Roth. Blundo motioned that we move the meeting to first Saturday of month at 1pm, seconded by Garrett, yeas by membership, one apposed.  Jack Anderson motioned that meeting beginning on Saturdays is moved back to 10am.  Seconded by Blundo, and members voted aye, two Nays.   Meeting time is changed to 10am. New ad in Paper in June, and send notices to all members.
  7. Comments from/to members
    1. Need volunteers for various Museum projects
    2. Blundo spoke about NO METERS ON WELLS.  Is our water worth fighting for? John has a list of subdivisions that water was dedicated too, and asked Dwight to post to Website:   John reminded group to contact your District Commissioner and your State Legislators and tell them to leave our real property alone.
  8. Adjourn meeting
    1. Meeting Adjourned




Signed by:                                 ___________________________________

Christina Stern- Secretary/Treasurer