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Private Well Owners Cooperative of Nye County Members Meeting Minutes 01/23/2020

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Meeting Called to Order:  By President, Matt Burg 

Pledge of Allegiance: By Wade Hinden

Attendees:  Board of Directors; Matt Burg, Wade Hinden, Marilyn Davis, Helene Williams, Anthony Greco and Jan DeChant, (Lance Schaus absent). Quorum needs 16 members and 22 in attendance.  

President’s Statement:  Matt welcomed everyone and read his statement of why we are here and we respect each other’s opinions.  We will follow the agenda and if someone wants to speak raise your hand and be recognized. No yelling or disrespect will be tolerated and such behavior may cause you to be removed.

Treasurer’s Report: Marilyn advised that the treasurer’s report will be on the back of the agenda.  The bank account was moved to Wells Fargo and the officers will all be on the account instead of one person owning the account as with the previous US Bank.  Beginning balance of $12,457.12, income of $30.00, expenses of $270.53 with ending balance for December, 2019 of $12,216.59. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report by Anthony Greco with a second by Sonny Settle, Robbyn questioned who each of the expenses went to and for what purpose.  Motion approved unanimously

Old/Unfinished Business:   Matt read the amendment to the bylaws to change the annual dues from $60 to $40 from January through December.  Paula Ayers moved to accept the change to the bylaws as read, and second by Wade Hinden, motion approved 21 ayes to 0 nays.  Marilyn will have the applications available at the end of the meeting and if you don’t have your APN and are renewing, Marilyn will have that information.

Helene discussed the appeal of the Water Board’s tax of $30.00 for all parcels in Basin 162 that they put in place at their December 9th meeting.  The Private Well Owners appealed this tax in front of the Board of County Commissioners on 1/14/2020 at a special BOCC meeting and they approved the appeal.  This was a big victory for this association as this was only phase one of this project in the amount of $4,500,000 and this probably is not the end. This was the first time this association had a big win.

Eugene Hobson asked why we lowered the dues to $40.  Anthony explained that everyone can’t afford $60 but they should have the right to know about protecting their wells.  We also needed the $60 for attorney fees and we don’t believe the direction we are going, we will need more money for attorney fees and if we do, we will reach out to the members at that time.  He also stated lower dues means more people can afford to join, more people joining is more money.

A suggestion to have the gentleman, Robert Coache, who made a presentation at the BOCC meeting should be asked to make a presentation to this group, was made by a member.

Aaron Koehler suggested that everyone get their well tested by the coop as it is free and if things have changed or you never had it tested he will be in the back to get you on the schedule.  Also, if you want the arsenic test done at the same time it is $10.

New Business:   Helene stated that we have started a new program of bumper stickers and magnets with the motto of “Every Drop Counts” which was taken from Aaron when he was passing the hat last year.  Aaron was given the first bumper sticker and magnet with the new motto. We will be passing out both to the members and at our booth at the Wild West Extravaganza. We want people to be aware of every drop counts for everyone.  Helene also presented the new brochure with the new face book page PROTECT BASIN 162 WELLS and the website –

Anthony went to Las Vegas to get new signs and the magnets and bumper stickers for a better price than he could find here and we need  to get the word out that we are here and we want to help our community. 

The next member meeting is February 27th at 10:00 a.m.

Members Comments:     

Sonny states he loves the new format of the agenda and the treasurer’s report on the same page.

Member asked if the signs that are up are they still good and Marilyn said absolutely as we do not want to be metered.

Robbyn asked is there an election next month.  Matt explained that it would have been for Wade but the members reconfirmed him in October.  Robbyn wants an election so she can run and said the old bylaws said every year and Marilyn said it is every two years and other than Wade the rest of the Board has been on the Board less than one year.  Robbyn insisted there should be an election and Marilyn asked her who on the Board does she think should be up for election and off the Board? She didn’t understand that Matt didn’t take Dwight Lilly’s term but is a new member with less than one year.  

Paula Ayers asked what happened to Lance and she was told he didn’t show up.  Helene explained some of the items that Lance has been doing against the members of the Board.

Meeting Adjourned    A motion to adjourn was made and 2nd. Motion passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned 10:48 a.m

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn G. Davis,