Education opportunity for domestic well owners

Nov. 14, 2018
Education opportunity for domestic well owners….
The cooperative is developing a twelve month program aimed at educating those who want to protect their right to 2 AC feet of water and maintain their rural lifestyle.
It’s not a secret that the emphasis of government and developers to build out Pahrump on the back’s of our legal domestic water right to use up to 2 acre feet of water for our livestock, landscaping, gardens and etc.
We will be dedicating time during each monthly meeting to educate those in attendance to the point that they can discuss and credibly lobby against any attacks on their rights.
Water is a precious commodity in the world and due to mis-management of this resource by Nye county officials and the state engineer’s office, Pahrump was over allocated by tens of thousands of water rights. The former farmers were allowed to convert agriculture water rights for domestic use. This abomination has severely threatened the rural lifestyle and character of Pahrump. The assault has continued due to apathy of the residents and mis-information campaigns.
Domestic well owners are not the problem in Nevada, their rights equal about 40,000 acre feet of water in total at present. This is a drop in the bucket when considering the entire inventory of ground water in Nevada. With over 11,000 domestic wells in Pahrump the township has over 50% of all state domestic wells. With limited yearly recharge of the aquifer, a stress has been put on domestic wells.
Armed with the proper knowledge and resource our members going forward will be the driving force for a solution in the future, no longer will we be the victims when water plans are considered by government.