About Us

The Private Well Owners Cooperative of Nye County is a Nevada non-profit corporation, member-owned and operated Association, designed to educate and help safeguard well owners rights to protect their water rights and their independence under Nevada Law which they are allowed to pump 2 acre-feet of water annually.

The Association believes it’s motto “Every Drop Counts” can help motivate all the residence of Basin 162, which includes the community of Pahrump that even though they may not be on a private well, that their water is originated from the same groundwater basin and that we as a community must protect not only the amount of water in our basin but also the water quality.

A community of Neighbors working together whether a Domestic, Irrigation, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal or Quasi-Municipal, Mining and Milling,  or a Recreational and Wildlife use of our most precious lifeblood of our community.

The Well Owners Association goals also include protecting our right to have a well, encouraging all well owners to maintain, test, preserve and protect our water in Basin 162.

The Association does NOT support meters on private wells.